This week, Alphatrans was in charge of delivering 4 Portakabins to the youth complex of Dutch football team Sparta in Rotterdam. The need for these Portakabins is the upcoming European Championship of Women’s Football.

2 of the Portakabins are 14 meters long and 4 meters wide, and the other 2 are 18 meters long and 4 meters wide, which makes this collection a very interesting transport to pass through the streets of Rotterdam! Considering that the drivers of Alphatrans had to take extreme caution when driving towards the end destination, past several football fields, they had done an excellent job! Now these Portakabins will serve their purpose as medical post, office or study-area surrounding the current complex.

Connection to European Championship Women’s Football

When the European Championship begins, several football matches will be organized in the official stadium of Sparta, also know as ‘The Castle’. This would mean that the other football teams, such as Jong Sparta, will not be able to train there and are in need of another location to train etc. The best way to meet the needs of the other football teams, was the placement of 5 Portakabins to expand the current youth complex.

The Portakabins will remain here for approx. 2 years, serving as extra space for when the company starts with their renovations to the main complex after the European Championship.


Check out the pictures above for the transport and end-result.

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