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Alphatrans chooses MAX yet again

Alphatrans expands the fleet by once again choosing for the quality of the MAX trailer from Importer
Hertoghs Carrosserieën. This time Alphatrans has placed the order for the extendable MAX100 semi low loader!

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Job as truck driver for Alphatrans NL?

Job opening for Truck Driver in the Netherlands

Do you have the C/CE and Code 95 drivers’ license?
Do you have any international experience as a truck driver?
Are you prepared to spend several weekend per year, away from home?
Do you have any experience concerning exceptional transport or are you willing to learn?

If this appeals to you, come join our amazing company and send your CV to


4 Portakabins for youth complex Sparta Rotterdam

This week, Alphatrans was in charge of delivering 4 Portakabins to the youth complex of Dutch football team Sparta in Rotterdam. The need for these Portakabins is the upcoming European Championship of Women’s Football.

2 of the Portakabins are 14 meters long and 4 meters wide, and the other 2 are 18 meters long and 4 meters wide, which makes this collection a very interesting transport to pass through the streets of Rotterdam! Considering that the drivers of Alphatrans had to take extreme caution when driving towards the end destination, past several football fields, they had done an excellent job! Now these Portakabins will serve their purpose as medical post, office or study-area surrounding the current complex.

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Job opening in the Netherlands

Our Alphatrans b.v. office in Botlek-Rotterdam in the Netherlands is looking for job applicants for a back-office job opening.

This concerns a full time position in the Netherlands.
For more information (only in Dutch) please check out the following job offer:

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Rating of 4 stars for Alphatrans by ECOSTARS

Alphatrans BV is proud to announce that it has recently received a rating of 4 stars in the ECOSTARS programme.


The European Union launched the ECOSTARS programme in 2009. Seven European cities and regions took part in the programme. Besides Rotterdam, these included South Yorkshire (England), Cantabria (Spain) and Parma (Italy). This project is now being continued with the support of the city of Rotterdam. It is a programme for all national and international freight and passenger carriers in the Netherlands. Whether they are in the public sector or small independent carriers. Freight transport includes vans and trucks, while passenger transport includes buses, touring cars and minibuses.

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6 new trailers from Hertoghs

To expand the fleet, Alphatrans has purchased 6 trailers. All 6 of them the semi-trailer type.

Yesterday the order was placed for the construction of 5 trailers, 4-axle sliding semi-low loaders with two steered axles and a bed height of 76 cm. read more

32 Pacton flatbeds for Alphatrans

Source: Transport Online

Pacton will be delivering an order of 32 flatbeds to Alphatrans within the next few weeks. Pacton is very excited that this year Alphatrans has decided to choose Pacton flatbeds from Ommen, the Netherlands, yet again.  read more

5 Special Faymonville Inner Loaders for Alphatrans

Alphatrans is working on expanding its fleet by purchasing 5 brand new Faymonville inner loaders from the company Hertoghs Carrosserieën.  read more

Christmas spirit in Brielle thanks to sister city in the Czech Republic

Source: Brielsche Courant

For the past 9 years, Alphatrans has organized the transportation of a large Christmas tree that is placed in the center of Brielle each year. At first it might not seem so extraordinary, until you find out that this Christmas tree is brought in from the Czech Republic each year!  read more

Alphatrans expands the fleet with MAXtrailer

Source: Hertoghs


Alphatrans has decided to expand the fleet by investing in this hydraulically controlled MAXtrailer with extendable platform trailer of the MAX210 type.

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