Our fleet

Our diverse fleet, providing the versatility to handle a huge range of goods safely and efficiently, puts Alphatrans at the forefront of the flat bed trailer and abnormal load haulage industry.
The investment in a range of trailers to suit customers’ vastly differing requirements means that Alphatrans, quite simply, has the right equipment to tackle the job.

We are able to transport oversize cargo to the following dimensions:
- Length up to 36 meters
- Width up to 5.5 meters
- Height up to 4 meters
- Weight up to 45 tons

View our diverse range of trailers below.

Flatbed trailer

With increased payloads and considerable loading/unloading benefits, the flatbed trailer is a versatile, viable option for most modern businesses. In addition to general cargos, this trailer is used to transport large and bulky material which does not fit in a curtain sider or box trailer.
Our flatbed trailers have side stanchions, twist locks and the ability to create a ‘false headboard’ to ensure the security of goods which need to be transported on a vehicle that exceeds the size of the product. These features make the flatbed trailer the perfect mode of transport for a vast number of products and industry sectors.

Mega Flatbed trailer

This trailer has a lower ride-height making it suitable for the transport of high loads, The mega trailer can also be fitted with loading/unloading ramps to facilitate the transport of wheeled machinery

Extendable flatbed trailer

This trailer is the extendable version of the flatbed trailer and is used to transport cargo of lengths up to 36 meters.

Semi low loader

This trailer allows for the transport of loads with a maximum height of 3.3 meters and maximum weight of 45 tons

Extendable semi low loader

The extendable version of the semi low loader is used to transport high and long loads. Naturally, the maximum transport height is taken into account here as well.

4-axle semi low loader

This variety of the semi low loader is used to transport heavier loads than that of the normal semi low loader. This allows for the transport of heavy and high loads.

Low loader

This type of trailer has a low level floor to give a greater allowable load height. It is most commonly used to transport heavy equipment and machinery.

Extendable low loader

Like the low loader, the extendable version is used for the transport of long and heavy machinery and equipment. It is also used for the transport of high loads.

Concrete carrier

This trailer is used for the transport of precast concrete elements of varying widths in an upright position

Kuip Trailer

This trailer type makes vertical transport (a.o.) possible.